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Customized & targeted nutritional supplements without equal.


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Your body knows what it needs

Leading nutritionists now agree that you need to customize your vitamins to your unique metabolic needs. Those "one-size-fits-all" products can’t give you what you need because they are created for a hypothetical "average" person. No such person exists

You need to protect your tissues against cellular damage from uncontrolled free radicals, eliminate harmful toxins in your body, and keep your immune, vascular and nervous systems in balance.

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The PrivaTest® - scientific window into your personal biochemistry

The PrivaTest is an in-home test you take and send to our lab for analysis. It provides an accurate, scientific measure of critical metabolic markers in your natural waste fluids (urinary sulphates, urinary deoxyguanosine, and urinary ADMA) to determine the status of your nutritional health.

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Targeted supplements to support health and wellness

The rigors of daily life can get the better of us all. Work, school, and other activities can increase stress, depress the immune system, and negatively affect overall wellness. Bioceutica has created a series of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements targeted to specific and occasional health concerns ranging from support of your immune system, energy generation, joint flexibility, bone health, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and more.

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