"Energy enhancing beverages
for every part of your day."

We all have our daily routines.

Coffee first thing in the morning to wake us up, hyper-caffeinated energy drinks in the afternoon to keep us going, sometimes a cocktail at night to help us relax. The problem is that many of these routines can negatively affect your health with too much caffeine, sugar, and calories.

That's why our leading scientists developed a series of delicious botanical-infusion supplements that are designed to provide the boost you need and enhance the different parts of your busy day.

Using natural botanicals, such as green tea, ginseng, ginkgo, and bacopa, our infusion supplements provide added support to your bodily systems throughout your day.

Delicious blends that pick you up and calm you down.

Popular energy drinks that rely on loads of caffeine and sugar to give you a fake boost can leave you feeling empty and depleted.


QuikStiks™ rely on botanicals and bionutrients – known to support energy levels and mood – to give you just what you need to get you going in the morning, pick you up in the afternoon, and help you relax in the evening. Simply mix with water, and you have a delicious supplement that will help get you through every part of your day.

QuikStik WindUp gets your morning off on the right foot.

Unlike hyper-caffeinated beverages, which can cause a nervous, jittery feeling, WindUp uses a small amount of caffeine along with natural botanicals to give you a natural lift and infuse your brain with the nutrients that support a clear, focused approach to the day ahead.


QuikStik ReWind combats afternoon sluggishness.

It’s a feeling we’ve all experienced. At some point, usually just after lunch, your body feels like it’s moving in slow motion. ReWind uses powerful bionutrients to squash that all-over droopy feeling, re-energize your body, and infuse your brain with the spirit of renewal.

QuikStik UnWind ends your day on a calming note.

When it’s time to relax and focus on you, QuikStik UnWind infuses your brain with natural botanicals and bionutrients to help you power down, relax, and enjoy your evening.



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