An intuitive
approach to
health & beauty

Skincare isn’t about turning back time; it’s about wellness. The demands of daily life and exposure to environmental stressors cause skin to show symptoms of premature aging and compromise its ability to protect itself from the outside world. Proactively addressing both the symptoms and causes of early aging—by delivering what skin intuitively needs to stay healthy—is essential for restoring natural radiance and beauty.

Go beyond anti-aging to restore wellness from the outside in.

INTUITIV™ By Nature combines best of Nature with the latest developments in skincare science to deliver B•8 ProYouth Technology. This proprietary system goes beyond anti-aging to help nourish skin, restore balance and awaken natural repair mechanisms for a healthier, more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Skincare that adapts to your life.

INTUITIV is not a two-week miracle; it’s a family of balanced products that work synergistically to deliver real results for real people with different skincare needs. No hype, no fantastic claims – simply beneficial, scientifically proven ingredients that make sense for your skin.


Beneficial ingredients in balanced formulations.

We put into every INTUITIV product what’s good for skin—scientifically proven plant actives, vitamins and minerals that hydrate, protect, nourish, illuminate, firm and increase skin’s elasticity. We leave out what’s not good—animal products, parabens, PEGs, sulfates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance and other irritants. And we are committed to sustainability in our ingredients, manufacturing and packaging choices—allowing you to make a choice that’s right for your skin and the Earth.



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