Leadership Without Limits

A Passionate BELIEVER!
Jessie Keener
Area Manager

"Help others succeed and we succeed."

Jessie Keener, N.D. is a clinical nutritionist and doctor of Naturopathic Medicine who practices and lives in Fort Lauderdale FL. She is also an Area Manager in Bioceutica who has been a believer in the power of customized nutrition since 1984, and a passionate devotee of the PrivaTest and Custom Essentials for over 16 years. Jessie and her life partner States share six grown children, one of whom, Karina, now 27, is following in her mother’s footsteps as a clinical nutritionist, and is about to sign into Bioceutica as a Consultant so she can start providing the PrivaTest and Custom Essentials to her own clientele. Having grown up in Massachusetts, Jessie has lived in Brazil, Austin, TX and South Florida. Here, in her own words, is Jessie’s story.

JessIe and her children, Karina, Lauren and Jake.

In 1984, I found an incredible Clinical Nutritionist who showed me how to overcome a variety of diseases I was stricken with including premature menopause and osteoporosis/ osteoarthritis. So I actually knew firsthand the power of “test first, then customize.“ My life was transformed, and I was inspired by my recovery to pursue my 29 year career in clinical nutrition and naturopathic medicine. When I was introduced to the PrivaTest and Custom Essentials in 1997 in Austin, Texas, it was a perfect fit—I knew I was witnessing a paradigm shift in delivering nutrition to the masses.

"...a paradigm shift in delivering nutrition to the masses"

In 16 years, I have never stopped believing in Custom Essentials. When I first got tested, my third panel oxidative stress levels were so poor that I called our Clinical Services director (Denise Autry) and asked if there had been some mistake. She explained that most likely I had been over supplementing with a previous multivitamin, and that it had created a lot of oxidative stress. I threw that product in the trash, began my Custom Essentials, and right away noticed an increase in my sustainable energy. My days were very long as a single, working "Doctor Mom." All of a sudden, I had more energy to do things for myself after putting my daughter to bed and that meant freedom!

I had heard about network marketing before discovering the PrivaTest and CEs, but never thought I could really succeed in it. I quickly realized that this program might just be the way to get me off of the merry-go-round of too much work and never enough money.

I started, very part-time at first, to share my discovery with close friends. They all got tested, and had their own successes, and within a few short months I was making an attractive income that has become substantially greater over time. Over the years, I’ve made tons of new friends and helped thousands improve their lives—all with just the PrivaTest and Custom Essentials. Imagine my excitement as new product lines are added to help people, including me, feel better, look better, and live better!

Jessie and States.

When I heard about Candace taking the helm of Bioceutica, I was at first curious and then thrilled! I quickly learned that she is a woman of great vision. I love the direction in which she is taking the company; I love her positive energy, the changes she has introduced; the way she inspires others to succeed. When the new Intuitiv line rolled out, I was thrilled because I am an ingredient snob! If we can't eat it, why would we put it on our skin? The Intuitiv products have actually surpassed my expectations in the way they perform on my sensitive skin!! Convinced of their superiority, I find it easy to simply hand someone a sample packet (aren’t they lovely?) after they have complimented me on my skin…and encourage them to try it.

I am so excited about what we have in this company. Although I have an exquisite life in South Florida, with an incredible life partner, States, and a fantastic practice that I am so grateful for, we both have adult children spread across the country in Austin, Seattle, and New York City. We desire more opportunities to visit them, as they move forward with their lives and begin families of their own. Bioceutica is helping make that possible!

"This program might just be the way to get me off of the merry-go-round of too much work and never enough money."

I know what to focus on right now. I’m inviting everyone to check out our innovative products, to get tested, to get engaged, to hand out samples and to keep moving forward. I know I can count on the team at corporate to do an amazing job supporting us in the field. I completely trust Candace to take us to the next level and beyond our wildest dreams. We have terrific leaders to inspire and guide us—people like Jeff Frey, Janelle Alley, Peggy Brockman, Nancy Link and many more who understand that we are all in this together, and that helping others is the way to build. That has always been the culture of Bioceutica: help others succeed and we succeed.