Leadership Without Limits

Area Manager qualified since July 2013
Susan Brown
Area Manager

"We are all in business for ourselves but not by ourselves"

Susan Q. Brown and her husband/soul-mate Aaron live and work from their spacious home in Southwestern New Hampshire. Susan is an artist, yoga instructor and environmentalist; Aaron a sculptor, printmaker and singer/songwriter. Both have exhibited in New York City and throughout New England. Susan is also a published author. Her book "One Heart, Four Seasons" has received the Kundalini Research Institute Seal of Approval. The Brownís two grown sons carry on the family entrepreneurial and creative heritage: Sean has started a small Green company that turns repurposed agricultural waste into messenger bags and backpacks. Evan is in his last year studying art and design at Alfred University. Here, in her own words, is Susan's story.

I said, "YES"!
As a Kundalini yoga teacher who has been practicing meditation for more than 25 years, everything about Bioceuticaóthe infinity symbol logo, the Life Without Limits, and Intuitiv By Natureóall have significant meaning for me. For millennia, Yoga has guided people to access their intuition, regain balance and know limitless freedom. And now, here is Bioceutica, where ancient truths are present in a holistic wellness program.

Susan with Jeff Frey, Caty Almquist & Sonya Veverka at the 2013 CEO Ambassador Meeting

I joined Bioceutica at the end of September 2012 when Kathryn Rockwood shared her story with me. I was totally new to everything about Network Marketing. But I knew then that my health and life were about to change significantly. Then I met our CEO Candace Keefe, and was convinced immediately that we had a dynamic leader whose heart and vision I could trust completely. When I heard Candace invite Consultants to be Servant Leaders, I knew this path was a unique opportunity to help countless people feel better, look better, and live better with products that are unparalleled in quality and sustainability. I said, "YES!" and "peed in the cup!"

Because I practice yoga and eat a healthy, mostly organic diet, I was shocked that my PrivaTest results were so poor! They showed that my inflammation and oxidative stress levels were in the undesirable range. I have since learned that my daily intake of expensive, over-the counter supplements had been a big mistake. Like millions of people, I had been guessing and over-supplementing, and was actually causing harm to my body.

Taking the PrivaTest stopped the gueswork! I received accurate information about my vital metabolic functions from a world-class lab at an affordable price! Now I don't miss a day of taking my Custom Essentials, and I know I am getting the best foundational holistic nutrition possible. My Custom Essentials nourish me on the inside; and on the outside I nourish with Intuitiv By Nature skincare (so pure you can practically eat it!).

Susan is a kunadlini yoga teacher who has been practicing meditation for more then 25 years

Being a servant leader means giving back
I also subscribe to the Ethos environmental program. What goes in my body, on my body, down the drain and into the sky are all vitally linked. I'll keep shouting from the mountaintop that Bioceutica offsets all carbon emissions from the manufacture of all our products. I LOVE IT! As a corporation, we are seriously committed to taking steps towards a carbon neutral world. I will personally offset 2.2 tons of carbon emissions from the air this year. Being a Servant Leader means that I give back. By selling outstanding products from my own online store, I empower people to take positive action for their health. I also have the privilege of mentoring other Independent Consultants while we grow our businesses together. And my mentors, Kathryn Rockwood, Cathi Almquist and Jeff Frey are the BEST!! We are all in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. I have already met so many incredible people in Bioceutica whom I cherish and love, and I've only just begun!

"Life without limits is what all seekers are searching for"

I love this business. I get to choose whether I want to just supplement my income or earn life-long financial independence and security. It's all based on my goals and actions! My personal goals include supporting my family and, as my business grows, eventually creating a family charitable foundation that will continue to help others for many generations to come. A life without limits is what all seekers in all traditions are searching for. For me, it can be simply summed up: I want to be a person who walks her talk, lives in freedom and does good to benefit all. By living and working this way, joy comes naturally. Thank you, Bioceutica!