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Regional Manager qualified since June 2016
Krissy Anderson
Regional Manager

“How perfect that Bioceutica focuses on giving my body what it needs, inside and out!”

Krissy Anderson lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband of 18 years, Steve, and 10-year-old son Will. She’s an avid walker who also enjoys photography, singing, songwriting and gardening. During the school year, Krissy devotes a great deal of time to her son’s school and classroom as a volunteer mom. Will is very active in both sports and scouting. When an unexpected illness changed their lives, Krissy decided to look for something that would give her the flexibility she needed to contribute to her family, but still give her the time and freedom to be there for her husband and son. As it turned out, she didn’t have to look far. Here, in her own words, is Krissy’s story:

Why Bioceutica when there are so many other choices?
I was introduced to Bioceutica in December of 2012 when my friend Kim Henson, from whom I’d purchased skin care for years, joined a new company called Bioceutica. The new company offered an all-natural skin care line, as well as customized vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Kim knows a lot about skin care, and she’s never steered me wrong. Her own skin always looks fantastic! Naturally, I was intrigued; and though I’d never met the new Bioceutica CEO, Candace Keefe, I felt I knew her from the way Kim spoke about her. In addition, the company’s products sounded revolutionary, and I was excited to learn more about them.

So, why Bioceutica, when there are so many other choices? For me, the short answer to that question is Intuitiv by Nature—a revolutionary skin care regimen based on a hydrating base of organic green coconut water and variety of scientifically formulated plant nutrients & oils, including the very beneficial Sacha Inchi Oil. Alone, this would have been impressive enough; but when I learned about the company’s commitment to being green and environmentally responsible, I was sold.

Krissy with her husband, Steve, and son, Will.

Krissy with Bioceutica CEO, Candace Keefe.

I knew I was on to something special
Based on my confidence in Candace and my belief in the products, I placed an order for the skin care and waited for the set to arrive. I wasn’t disappointed. After using the products for a few months, I saw a dramatic change in the appearance of my skin. I knew I was on to something really special when I began to receive many unsolicited compliments about how great my skin looked, and questions about what I was doing differently. The addition of the hair care to the line pretty much sealed the deal for me. Sharing the products seemed second nature to me, and I knew I had to be a part of this company.

I signed up as a Consultant in June of 2013, and decided right away to be “a product of the product.” I ordered the PrivaTest to learn exactly how my metabolism was processing nutrients at a cellular level, and began taking my uniquely formulated Custom Essentials shortly thereafter. How perfect is it to be a part of a company that focuses on giving my body what it needs, inside and out!

Candace's vision is my vision
As a customer service professional for 10 years prior to the birth of my son, I knew how to communicate with people. Those skills, combined with the high quality of Bioceutica products, make it easy to share with others. But that’s only part of the equation. Having Kim Henson as my sponsor has played a key role. Kim is a true leader and the most organized person I know. Without her support, there’s no doubt I could never have achieved the success I’ve experienced thus far. I’m so grateful to be part of her wonderful team.

Having now met and spent time with Candace has only strengthened my resolve to share these products with others. Candace’s vision is my vision. And we’ve become a Bioceutica family! Both my husband and son are using the shampoo and conditioner, as well as the facial and body products! I think of something my son actually said to me a few months ago, “Mom, isn’t is great that you work for a company and believe in the products so much? And best of all, you don’t have to go to an office—you can still be my room mom and meet me at the bus every day!” When he said that, I thought no one would believe it. But he did; he gets it! And so do I.

"I knew I had to be part of this company."