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Area Manager qualified since August 2013
Lee Ann Dial
Area Manager

“I found great support and genuine willingness to help me succeed!”

Bioceutica Area Manager Lee Ann Dial resides in Glenmont, OH with her husband of 25 years, Jerry. Together, the couple has raised four daughters: Kaeli, Alexx, Chandler, and Chloé. They are also blessed with one beautiful grand-daughter, Sophie. Lee Ann is not new to the health and beauty industry, or to retailing. In addition to being a licensed Registered Nurse and Cosmetology Manager, she owns her own retail business in customized apparel. It was a combination of these interests and a long standing friendship with fellow Bioceutica Area Manager Kathleen Epperson that helped her decide to become a part of Bioceutica in July, 2013. Here, in her own words, is Lee Ann’s story:

The results of my decision… have been amazing!
When my dear friend Kathleen phoned to tell me about the incredible products she was selling from Bioceutica, I was intrigued. She began by sharing with me the amazing ingredients in the Intuitiv by Nature skincare and ProYouth Hair Repair lines. I found it interesting that the products did not have the harsh chemicals in so many other products. Although I had recently decided to try incorporate “green living” into my lifestyle, I still wasn’t convinced that these products were for me. After all, I was currently using products from my dermatologist’s boutique that I liked. And while my friend with thick hair was having fantastic results with the Bioceutica shampoo and conditioner, my hair was thin, straight, and oily prone. I have been working with hair for 12 years and have never found a “one size fits all” shampoo and conditioner.

It wasn’t until my conversation with Kathleen turned to the PrivaTest and Custom Essentials, that I was “sold.” I was currently in the market for a more natural approach to supplements. At the time, I was exhausted, depressed, stressed, experiencing pain in my joints, and had gained weight with no desire or energy to do anything about it. A little later I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I felt that at 40, my body and mind had started to fall apart. I liked the fact that Custom Essentials were formulated utilizing a scientific test to determine what my body needed. If they worked, it meant I could finally throw out the multiple containers of supplements that I was only hoping would make me feel better!

I couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity!
In addition to what Kathleen shared about Bioceutica’s products, what she had to say about the Bioceutica business was even more intriguing. Although my time is spent across many endeavors and professions (I REALLY didn’t think I had time for another business), the opportunity to join this amazing team offering innovative products didn’t seem like something I could pass up. I signed on as a Bioceutica consultant that day! And I am thrilled to report that the results of my decision to try the products and become part of the Bioceutica team have been amazing!

Lee Ann and her Bioceutica team celebrating the Tour Of Gratitude with CEO Candace Keefe.

The key is to know when you are presented with opportunity…
When my Prime Essentials arrived with my PrivaTest kit, I started on them right away. What a difference they made! I finally had energy! My hair and nails were growing like crazy, I was sleeping better, and best of all, I felt happy! Now that I’m on Custom Essentials, I can’t go a day without them!

When I started using the Intuitiv products, I found that my pre-conceived ideas couldn’t have been any more wrong. I noticed instant results with just one use of the skin and hair care. I am constantly receiving compliments on how shiny my hair is! Lastly, about not thinking that I had time for another venture—I am pleased to report that I am able to fit Bioceutica into my life seamlessly. It is all a matter of sincerely sharing my experience with the products and the business when the opportunity presents itself. I have found that the key is to know when you are presented with that opportunity.

“I could finally throw out the multiple supplements I was only hoping would make me feel better!”

I can’t say enough good things about the culture of Bioceutica and the people I’ve met. From my very first team call, to phoning Customer Care, to meeting and forming friendships with our many inspirational leaders—every experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I found great support and a genuine willingness and desire to help myself and others succeed from the members of this business.

Bioceutica has been a blessing to my life. I get to share cutting edge products, work with an amazing supportive team including my friends, family, and our awesome CEO, Candace Keefe. I also am able to determine the amount of time to devote to my business and I get to do all of this while making an income. I am extremely grateful for being able to be a part of a company that truly cares about all of its members and customers. Thank you Bioceutica!