Leadership Without Limits

Area Manager qualified since July 2013
Marilyn Smith, Virtual Concepts LLC
Area Manager

"We have just started this journey together. Let’s take it all the way!"

After a 25-year career in corporate sales, Marilyn Smith (Virtual Concepts) joined Bioceutica in mid-April of 2013. Taking to Bioceutica like a duck to water, she quickly built a successful business and earned the rank of Area Manager the following July. She and her husband Al, who is semi-retired, live in Boise, Idaho with their two dogs, Kona and Ceecee. Together, the Smiths have five children; or, as Marilyn likes to say, “…three I gave birth to and two of my heart.” They are Nicole, Sondra, Leslie, Andrew, and Taylor. The family also includes two sons-in-law (Michael and Scott), and five grandchildren (Austin, 11; Brendan, 8; Max, 5; Paige, 3; and Piper, 6 months). Here, in her own words, is Marilyn’s story.

Could I do for myself what I did for the big companies? YES!
My professional background is mainly corporate, with over 25 years in sales and 11+ years as a District Sales Manager for a direct sales company. As a District Manager, my responsibilities were to recruit, train and mentor; and during my tenure, my division was twice World Sales Leader and once winner of the Circle of Excellence award. This meant that my team was in the top 10% nationally.

During my last year with the company, I was running two districts with over 900 people, and working 60+ hours a week! It was too much. So when the company decided to reconfigure and offered severance packages to 250 managers, I decided to discuss it with my family. My daughter Nicole said it all: “Mom, we moved here taking pay cuts in order for our boys to be close to their Grandma. But you never have time for us! And when you do, you are always on the phone.” This was a wake-up call! I knew that it was time to go. I prayed for a package and was ecstatic when I received one and was able to take early retirement! Now I would have time for my family!

After a few months, I decided to go back to work. But where? Should I go back into the corporate world or into network marketing? Could I do for myself what I did for the big companies? YES! The only problem was to find a company that aligned with my beliefs and checked all my boxes. The first company I tried lasted two weeks before I knew it was not for me. In the second company, I liked my team more than I liked the company. Then I met the fabulous Jamie Robb at a “Meet and Mingle” get together where she suggested that we get together for coffee. I wasn’t ready to start with another company, and tried to tell Jamie no. But Jamie could see that Bioceutica was checking all my boxes! So we did a three way call with Kim Kearns, and Kim asked me to listen to a National Call on 4-11 to get the 411 on Bioceutica.

I did, and was impressed with what CEO Candace Keefe, owner Antoine Nohra, and president Jesse Young had to say. I hung up the phone so excited! The very next day, I set up a meeting with Jamie and joined Bioceutica!

Marilyn and her Boise, ID team at a business training with CEO Candace Keefe in August 2013.

My list of requirements that needed to be checked off looked like this: 1) Lucrative Compensation Plan; 2) Products I could believe in; 3) Strong corporate and field leadership; 4) New company; 5) Integrity; 6) Marketing and business tools; 7) Not a party plan. I did my research and I was able to put a check mark after each one! And now my upline and a few of the downlines from my second company are part of my Bioceutica team! It doesn’t get any better than this!

"I feel like I am being proactive with my health instead of reactive"

Bioceutica put the passion for this business back in my life!
I’m in love with Bioceutica’s products. The PrivaTest and Custom Essentials supplements have changed my life. Having a severe fish allergy (I’m allergic to iodine), it was difficult to know what to use. I knew I couldn’t take anything with glucosamines, fish oils or omegas. Most vitamins gave me heartburn, so I never took them. But from the first day on Custom Essentials, my body just went ahhhh! Now I feel like I am being proactive with my health instead of reactive! I feel so good and have so much energy! And Intuitiv? I was on another company’s skin care products for 11 years, and no one said a word about my skin. Eleven days on Intuitiv and people were making positive comments! Need I give any more of a testament? I love my skin care!

I am so thankful to Bioceutica for putting the passion for the business back in my life! I say to my team, “You are the best! We have just started this journey together! Let’s take it all the way!! How privileged I am to have each one of you in my life and as business partners!”