Leadership Without Limits

Area Manager qualified since November 2013
Lucy Fyfe
Area Manager

“Lucy Fyfe wants to change your life!”

Lucy Fyfe is a wife, mom, sister, and friend. She is active and stays busy with everything in her life, especially with her kids. If you get a Bioceutica business card from Lucy, you will see the quote, “Lucy Fyfe wants to help change your life!” This is something she fully believes in; she wants to help everyone she knows become healthier and enjoy their lives more fully. She lives in Virginia, Beach, VA with her (“amazing”) husband Jack; and together they have three wonderful children who “rock their world.” She describes herself as happy, carefree, spontaneous, and adventurous. She pushes herself to do what comes naturally. And if her experience in Bioceutica is any indication, she is succeeding. Here, in her own words, is Lucy’s story:

I am passionate about everything this company stands for!
I joined Bioceutica because I learned about the company’s customized vitamins. What I liked best about them is that I could do the test at home, the nutrients are cold processed, delivered to my door, and are exactly what my body needs. I was anxious to see what they would do for me, especially in eliminating the frustration of standing in the vitamin isle at the store, overwhelmed by all the choices and not knowing what to pick.

I have been on Custom Essentials for about a year and a half. Before I started them, I made a list of all the things I thought were not working correctly that I thought I would have to live with forever. However, after three months I noticed that things were improving—my nails and skin, especially with my asthma—so much so that my prescription medicine is now cut in half! That alone will keep me on the vitamins. My energy is sustained, my sleep is more restful; I am more regular and healthier because my body is finally getting what it has needed all these years.

Lucy with members of her Bioceutica Team (L - R): Nancy, Lucy, & Roberta.

Lucy with CEO Candace Keefe.

Before I found Intuitiv, my idea of skin care was to shower with water, and occasionally use soap, as I have very sensitive skin. I have tried many products, and almost every time I would break out in a rash. When I learned about Intuitiv, I said I would try it, but personally I was skeptical. I ordered the products, and after one week, I was hooked! If you knew me before, my face was dry and peeling. Now it is smooth and hydrated. My long-time friends notice a huge difference. I also have seborrhea, (adult cradle cap, or dandruff), so once I got the shampoo and conditioner, I washed my hair for three days in a row and it helped to calm down my scalp itchiness and flakiness. I also do my own version of hot oil treatment: I take the Sacha Inchi oil and put it on my scalp and then cover it up with a shower cap to let it soak in … amazing!

I love being happy!
Our CEO and leader, Candace Keefe, is in the business because she wants to be here, not because she has to be. All you have to do is meet her and hear her speak and you will know that you are where you are supposed to be. She has made this company about helping others become healthy and happy. I am passionate about everything this company stands for and all the products it allows us to share, because it helps me to be my best. I am a product of the product. If I had a magic wand, I would put everyone I know on all these products so they can see how amazing they are. They would switch immediately if they knew how much better our products are. Since being on these vitamins I have been healthier than I have been in years. Healthy equals happy, and I LOVE BEING HAPPY!

I am working the compensation plan, and I see myself at the top enjoying life with my family and friends. I am going to be able to afford to pay for college, retirement and everything else I want to do in life. I believe in this company and everything we are doing. The training is incomparable. I am motivated by incentives, I like the challenge and friendly competition. I do not always have to win, but I must finish. I relate it to a running race: everyone starts out to win; some people pass you up, you pass up others; but in the end the thing that matters is you do the best that you can and that you keep trying and make it to the finish line.

"In the end, the thing that matters is You do the best that you can"