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Area Manager qualified since October 2013
Patti Coughlin
Area Manager

"Uncompromised health AND beauty; not one or the other."

As an ambassador for The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Patti Coughlin is dedicated to empowering others to make educated choices about the products they use to create healthful, vibrant lives. Like many professional women, Patti found herself dissatisfied with the constant juggling of family and career. Her Master’s Degree in exercise physiology had her working in cardiovascular clinical research while dreaming of working in preventative and alternative medicine. She fondly remembers when, as a busy young mother of twin daughters, she had to be dragged “kicking and screaming” to her first massage. That massage turned out to be the confirmation she needed to turn her dreams into reality. Fifteen years ago, she started her own practice providing therapeutic massage combined with the use of organic products. Here, in her own words, is Patti’s story:

An example of what life can be…
When I began my massage practice in 2001, and was introduced to the benefits of coconut oil, I dug deeper into the newly emerging natural products industry. I learned that much of the beauty biz was “pretty ugly”. That’s why discovering Candace Keefe and Bioceutica was a breath of fresh air. The dedication that Bioceutica has to products that exceed industry safety standards speaks to its integrity and company culture. People often ask me about ingredients in skin care lines. While providing some vital information, I happily hand them a sample pack of the Intuitiv by Nature line. There is so much to choose from when it comes to skin care, it practically takes a PhD in biochemistry to navigate the beauty isle. With Bioceutica there is no guess work. The products truly offer uncompromised health AND beauty, not one or the other.

All of the yum and none of the yuk!
The Intuitiv line has what I call call “All of the yum and none of the yuck.” No sulfates, parabens, PEGs, fragrances, dyes, silicones, animal products or gluten. With powerful ingredients delivered in an organic green coconut water base, it’s truly an action-packed skin cocktail that should be in everyone’s beauty bar. I use Bioceutica's B-Smooth Jade Clay Polish, B-Refreshed Body Cleanse and B-Hydrated Body Lotion in my practice. I developed a Showerless Body Scrub Ritual so that my clients could benefit from the circulatory and lymphatic attention that the Jade Clay Polish provides. I follow with a hot towel massage where I use a combination of the body cleanse and water to remove any traces of the polish and any dead skin cells. The aromatic infusion of coconut water, sacha inchi oil and chestnut rose fills the room as we move into the bodywork phase of this treatment. By the time I have finished the massage, their skin is smooth, hydrated and renewed.

Patti and her Bioceutica team celebrating with CEO Candace Keefe.

Patti With her family: left to right is Nicole, Patti, Elizabeth and Frankie.

In my previous career as a cardiovascular clinical research manager, I was aware of the critical role nitric oxide plays in our metabolic function. I recall doing one study to see if nitric oxide could improve quality of life in cardiovascular patients who had experienced at least one heart attack. Even though this was a double-blind study, we could tell who was receiving nitric oxide because we saw lower blood pressures, improved functional capacity and happier dispositions in certain patients. That was in 1993. I was intrigued to learn that Bioceutica saw the importance of testing and improving nitric oxide and sulfate levels as well as addressing oxidative stress as a means of optimizing health. The simple yet sophisticated in-home PrivaTest and Custom Essentials are the backbone of this forward thinking company. I can’t wait to see to see how Bioceutica will continue to “do things differently” in the future.

No wonder that Bioceutica’s future looks so bright!
There is no hype or overselling, and no stockpiling of products. The compensation plan makes sense and is sustainable. I love that I can offer others a way to promote aging well while getting paid every Friday for their efforts. The friendship and knowledge I am gaining through the experience of being a Bioceutica brand enthusiast is truly a bonus! It makes my day when a client or consultant thanks me for sharing our product line with them. After sharing products with one client recently, his feedback was, “I feel that we are moving way beyond focusing on the disease state, we are focusing on promoting total health.” This comment was particularly gratifying because it came from a physician.

I am most grateful to Candace Keefe for her vision and unstopping belief in the tangibility of happiness and success. She shines as an example of what life can be and her laughter and spirit are infectious. Just hanging around Candace Keefe for a few minutes will have you believing you can leap tall buildings. It’s no wonder that Bioceutica’s future looks so bright!

"Hanging around Candace for a few minutes will have you believing you can leap tall buildings! "