Leadership Without Limits

Outside my comfort zone is where the magic truly happens
Kathleen Epperson
Area Manager

“To say that I have found the right products and opportunity to share would be understatement.”

Bioceutica Area Manager Kathleen Epperson and her family live in Dover, New Hampshire. She has been married to her best friend Rick for 25 years; together, she and Rick have been blessed with four healthy, loving and compassionate children — Kara, 23; Ricky, 20; Madeline, 16; and Ethan,14. Before starting her family, Kathleen attended North Carolina State University where she studied English. She joined Bioceutica in 2012. Today, in addition to running her Bioceutica business, she enjoys writing and plans to write her first book in 2014. Here, in her own words, is Kathleen’s story:

It’s all about relationships!
I have always believed in the network marketing business model and have been looking for the right fit for many, many years. Every day, we’re all networking and building relationships, and I have found that talking about what we are passionate about goes hand in hand with those relationships. For me, working toward financial freedom and the opportunity to choose how I spend my time has always been a priority in my life. I have seen so many others achieve success and held out hope that if I followed their lead I would reach my goals and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I was often left wondering what these individuals possessed that I didn’t. Although I felt I was perfectly capable of duplicating their efforts, I was only able to achieve a modicum of success; and that’s when self-doubt would creep in. It wasn’t until I became involved with Bioceutica last August that I realized that the missing piece for me had always been a strong belief in the products and the opportunity. It also became clear that I needed to get comfortable being uncomfortable; I had to step outside the safety of my comfort zone to where the magic truly happens.

I jumped in with both feet!
I first heard about Bioceutica when Candace Keefe became CEO. Candace has a proven track record in this industry. She has incredibly high standards and is known for her passionate pursuit of the most innovative ingredients and products. I learned about what Bioceutica offered, and with complete faith in Candace’s vision for the company, I jumped in with both feet. At the heart of this incredible business is a unique product line that offers customized nutritional supplements through an in-home test called the PrivaTest. I was intrigued by the concept of supplements that completely took the guesswork out of the equation. Custom Essentials offered me just that. I was never sure if the one-size-fits-all vitamins I was taking were working and never quite sure if I needed what I was taking. My test results were a clear indication that my unique nutritional needs were not being met.

Celebrating “The Good Life 2013” in Cabo San Lucas with husband Rick.

With the introduction of our amazing new green-coconut-water-based skin care line, Intuitiv by Nature, and my understanding of the belief I needed to be successful, my business has skyrocketed—so much so, that I have earned an an all-expense paid trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I was accompanied by my incredibly supportive husband.

“I am not only living the dream, I am now in a position to help others live theirs.”

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be!
To say that I have found the right products and the right opportunity to share with others would be an understatement. Before Bioceutica, I could only dream of a vacation on a beautiful resort with other top-earning Consultants: but because of these incredible products and our revolutionary compensation plan, I am not only living that dream, I am now in a position to help others live theirs too. It’s now my turn to give my time and support to my growing team. Everything I have learned has brought me to this part of my journey and I am exactly where I’m supposed to be—creating a life that until Bioceutica seemed impossible. I am grateful beyond measure and dedicated to my journey that promises a “Life Without Limits!”