Leadership Without Limits

Area Manager qualified since November 2013
Vilma Ortiz
Area Manager

“Sold on Bioceutica!”

Vilma Ortiz has been a licensed aesthetician for over 25 years, with a beauty and skin care practice in her home city of Indianapolis, IN. The middle child in a family of seven children, Vilma finds that the most important things in life are her faith, her family and her friends. Vilma’s immediate family consists of her daughter Gina and two grandchildren Lily and Mikey, who also live in Indianapolis. As a professional aesthetician, Vilma believes in providing only the finest for her clients, and that’s why she is, as she puts it, “…SOLD on Bioceutica.” She has been an Independent Consultant since shortly after Candace Keefe became CEO, and became an Area Manager by sharing her passion for Bioceutica products with so many people. “I love people, so helping them take care of their skin, and seeing the confidence that blossoms as a result, is incredibly rewarding,” she says. She is also a fan of all things nautical, as you will see. Here, in her own words, is Vilma’s story:

Setting a course for success!
When we look at the word “opportunity,” we can see a nautical reference in the second syllable (op-PORT-unity) having to do with ports and ships and voyages. The tide is rising. Loved ones wave from the pier. The moorings are cast off and the winds of opportunity are favorable for Bioceutica and all on board. We have definitely set sail for success! I remember when I first met CEO Candace Keefe at a meeting in Indianapolis. I said to her, "I have missed you!" And I meant it. I left that meeting excited about this company and I have been excited ever since. As a self-proclaimed product “snob,” and because Candace Keefe is our CEO, I feel right at home in this company. For several years prior, I had followed Candace’s teachings; I enjoyed learning from her vast knowledge of skincare, health and business. Her willingness to give is immense and her character unimpeachable. She's a true leader whose vision is like that of a great captain determined to complete her ship’s voyage safely and successfully.

There’s never been a better crew…
We are surrounded by so many helpful and wonderful people—from our CEO and home office support staff, to my wonderful sponsor Kim Kearns, and all the other ICs and friends I have here in Indianapolis and across the country. We are truly here for each other’s success. Those of us who have decided to embark on this journey all have work to do as "crew members.” Each of us brings unique gifts, talents, opportunities, and positions to make the voyage fulfilling and joyous. We have chosen to set an amazing course for our lives! I am so grateful that I have chosen to be a part of this great crew!

Vilma with CEO Candace Keefe and Bioceutica IC Louvena Love.

Vilma at the CEO Ambassador Meeting with (l-R) Kim Kearns, Jamie Robb, Kim Henson, and Deneen Manesiotis.

…Or a more precious cargo!
An amazing lineup of products is key to our success. Expert knowledge, years of experience, trusted relationships and dedication to safety are key ingredients, in my opinion, in every Bioceutica product. These are what ultimately create the innovative formulas, systems and programs for our skin care, custom nutrition and so much more! All of our products are supremely active and results driven. I love that! Knowing the products work as promised makes what I already love to do even more enjoyable. I was so amazed at the change I saw in my complexion the very first time I used Intuitiv by Nature™. My skin was immediately brighter and softer. And now that I’ve used it for over a year, the firmness is remarkable! I use our products in my treatments and get to see this all the time in others as well. The Custom Essentials® supplements warmed me up by improving my circulation, so I no longer have cold hands and feet. They also gave me steady energy all day long. I could go on and on!

Everyone needs what we bring to the world!
Bioceutica is a young, well established company on a well charted course to growth and success. Since there are billions of people on the planet, the possibilities are endless. The Bioceutica crew and I will continue to use all available means to reach as many as possible, as soon as possible, with the greatest impact possible. As we learn and grow together, we will make waves throughout the US and then the world—one port, one person at a time. Whether it’s great skin, better energy, better sleep, a better body, better community or better personal finances—we have something for you! I hope you’ll choose to set sail with us and chart your course to a Life Without Limits. BON VOYAGE!!

"In the end, the thing that matters is You do the best that you can"