Leadership Without Limits

Area Manager qualified since August 2013
Elayne Powell
Area Manager

“It took me 35 years to realize that my potential is unlimited.”

Elayne Powell began her working career as a social worker, later became a school teacher, and then a construction company administrator. Her journey over the years took her down many paths, until the day that she discovered her limitless potential as an independent businesswoman. Elayne’s family quickly learned it was easier to join her on her journey than not. And when her path led her to Bioceutica in the summer of 2012, they were all on board. Her husband Bob continues to be amazed. Her Mom, Doris Parsons, has hosted Bioceutica events at the residential facility where she currently lives. Her daughter Paige has also joined Bioceutica as an independent consultant. And her son R.H. and his wife Jessica, have encouraged and supported her business. Grandchildren Ashley and the twins, MacKenzie and Jackson, are delighted with their grandma’s new energy level. And the whole family swears by the Intuitive Treatment Oil (Sacha Inchi oil) as the cure for all skin issues. “My greatest joy is visiting family and friends,” Elayne says. “My source of strength comes from God, and my passion for life is fueled by my beliefs.” Here, in her own words, is Elayne’s story.

Each of us is extraordinary and unique.
My name is Elayne — spelled with a “y” not an “I”— Powell. People have asked me “why the Y?” and I say “why not?” It took me 35 years to say those words — “Why Not?” — and to realize that my potential is unlimited. Our biggest limitation is ourselves. We set our own boundaries. I have learned that each of us is extraordinary and unique. We all have something that sets us apart from others. Our beliefs distinguish us from others. I have such a belief in Bioceutica as a company and a passion for its products that I am committed to sharing its potential with others.

This month, I celebrate two years of being cancer free. Facing cancer and surviving chemotherapy was a life changing experience. Time for me now has a new meaning. I cherish the extra moments I have been given. I believe that time is the greatest gift I have to share with others. I value where and how I spend my time. I see the world with new eyes and with a new appreciation of its impact on my journey. I am careful not to waste a second of my time.

When I joined Bioceutica in August of 2012, I had the greatest respect for the leadership of Candace Keefe, our CEO, and the products that she developed. I had just finished chemotherapy, and the last treatment had left me exhausted and bed bound most of the day. I took the PrivaTest, and within a few weeks of using my Custom Essential supplements, I increased my daily activity from four hours to eight. I thank God

Celebrating “The Good Life 2013” in Cabo San Lucas with (l-r) Elayne Powell, Kim Henson, Candace Keefe, Liz Simpson, & Paige Powell.

for these supplements. My quality of life has returned and my overall health has improved beyond my expectations. I now live with an attitude of “can do!” as well as with “why not?” As for the skincare….it is healing my body on the outside just as the supplements have healed me on the inside. I am blessed! What an adventure it has been! What I like best about Bioceutica as a business is that we are not alone. We are a part of a team that wants us to succeed. My sponsor, Kim Henson, has been with me from the beginning. She has supported me with her time and helped me with my goals.

I was reminded this week, when a young friend of mine died, just how important a life without limits is. He was a quadriplegic, but never let that handicap define him. The minister at his funereal reminded us that he lived a limitless life. My life experiences have taught me that a positive attitude creates positive results, and that our only real limits are those we give ourselves.

“Shoot for the moon and you will end up in the stars.”

It is the little things that make a big difference. You have more potential than you know! In fact, you have more potential than you can ever use….you can never meet your full potential. Today is the best day to ask yourself “why not?” Today is the best opportunity you have. It is never too late to explore your potential. Shoot for the moon; at the very least you will end up in the stars. YOU WILL BECAUSE YOU CAN!