Leadership Without Limits

Giving Back
Jeff Frey
District Director

"Every person you meet
is looking for a change"

Jeff is a single father of two—Jessica, 13, and Justin, 11—who lives in Ramsey, New Jersey and is a successful executive in the biotechnology and medical device industry. Jeff is living proof that, even with the demands of a busy life, it is possible to achieve a Life Without Limits with a great company, extraordinary products, the right frame of mind, and the support of some amazing people. Here, in Jeff’s own words, is the story of that success.

What does a Life Without Limits really look like?
It’s a powerful question, whether you ask someone you care about, or a total stranger. But whenever you find someone who is looking to create a positive change in his or her life, it’s a good question to ask. You may be wondering how you can tell if a complete stranger is really looking for that kind of change. Stop wondering. The truth is that, at some level, virtually every person you meet is looking for a change, for something good to happen in their lives. So go ahead and ask the question. Doing so shows a genuine interest in the other person. It’s what we do in pursuit of a Life Without Limits for ourselves. Such a life does not and cannot exist without making a positive difference in the life of another human being.

For me, a Life Without Limits means
3 fundamental things:

  1. Diversification of my income for greater peace of mind.
  2. Empowering people around me by helping them realize their full potential, including optimum health and well-being.
  3. Giving back a portion of my blessings to the less fortunate, and to our amazing planet.

Jessica, 13, Jeff. and Justin, 11

I received my first check from this company six months before my daughter Jessica was born, and I have collected a check every week since then. Jessica will be 14 years old this June, and her college tuition is fully funded—thanks in large part to my belief in a Life Without Limits. She wants to attend Princeton University, and I can afford to send her! This achievement is a powerful example of the peace of mind that can come as the result of diversifying my income. Truth be told, I am still saving for my son’s college education. He wants to attend my alma mater—Rutgers University. Because of Bioceutica, I am only months away from fully funding Justin’s college tuition as well.

The study of leadership is another passion of mine. I have read many books by and about successful leaders. John Maxwell, one of my favorites, describes leadership as the ability to influence others by example. When you set a strong example, your influence can impact the lives of others in a life-changing way. Some of those you inspire will duplicate your example, develop qualities of leadership themselves, and influence many others. Bioceutica is an ideal business model if you want to empower the people around you to realize their full potential.

"If you want a Life Without Limits,
learn from people who
already have one."

Never underestimate your power to improve the health and finances of others. Your potential is limited only by your belief. Believe that you can do something, and you will do it. History has a way of repeating itself—which is why I align myself with business partners like Candace and Antoine. They have a proven track record of success; they are leaders who have influenced me to partner with them.

Jeff and his children receive letters from a little girl they sponsor in Juarez, Mexico.

I am also passionate about giving back to the less fortunate, to my community, and to our planet. Through a local charity, my children and I sponsor a young girl from Juarez, Mexico. We pay for her food, education and clothing. Juarez is one of the most violent cities in the world, but we are making a difference in her life by providing her with a safe place to learn. As my Bioceutica business grows, I intend to sponsor additional children as part of living my Life Without Limits.

In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities like skiing and trail running. My love of the outdoors has motivated me to do my part to protect the earth’s resources and reduce my consumption of non-recyclable items and plastic bottles. I drink a lot of water and stopped using plastic bottles years ago. Several times a day, I fill a reusable metal bottle with water from a large reusable jug. I also carry a small bag with me when I run in the woods and pick up any litter I come across. I am thrilled to be part of a company that is committed to reducing our carbon footprint with responsible packaging. I look forward to learning more about the steps Bioceutica will take to help protect our planet for future generations.