Leadership Without Limits

Never Look Back
Kim Magrogan
Area Manager

"This is definitely the good life...why limit it?"

Area Manager Kim Magrogan and her sweetheart D'Alan live in Sykesville Maryland with their two dogs—a Lab named Johnny and a Pomapoo named Teddy. A professional photographer by training, Kim got into network marketing when two things happened in her life simultaneously-- her photography business began to slow down, and someone with a successful network marketing business moved in next door. She's never looked back! Kim is the proud mother of three grown children (Erin, 26. Daniel 24, and Jameson 20) and one 18-month old grandson Benjamin. Benjamin's mom and Kim's oldest daughter Erin is joining Kim in the business, making it a true family affair. Kim's two favorite pastimes are traveling and meeting new people—both great attributes of a Bioceutica Consultant. Here, in her own words, is Kim's story:

The best is yet to come!
I believe you cross paths with people in your life for a reason. Some call it fate; some call it part of the master plan. All I know is that my life looks totally different than it did 10 years ago, and for that I am very grateful!

Kim and her daughter Erin.

I graduated college with a degree in photography and quickly started my own photography business. I loved it and was very successful, but unfortunately I worked weekends and evenings, missing many activities with my children. I longed for a job that would allow me to spend more time with them but still earn enough to support them. Then technology stepped in with the explosion of digital photography, and many clients realized they didn't need me as much as they had in prior years. As business slowed, I welcomed the extra time with my kids, but began to wonder how I could replace the lost income.

Then an amazing person moved in next door. She was involved with a very successful skincare and beauty products company, and had the flexibility to work at home, around her children's schedules. She not only made a great income, but more importantly, she was having fun doing it! She loved what she did every day; she loved the products she sold, and she loved sharing them with others. I could do that!

I started, very part-time at first, to share my discovery with close friends. They all got tested, and had their own successes, and within a few short months I was making an attractive income that has become substantially greater over time.

Over the years, I've made tons of new friends and helped thousands improve their lives—all with just the PrivaTest and Custom Essentials. Imagine my excitement as new product lines are added to help people, including me, feel better, look better, and live better!

Living the Good Life in Cabo with Cathi Almquist and Kim Kearns

I jumped in and never looked back. Right away, I loved the products and starting sharing them with everyone who would listen. It was such a natural thing. We share what we love anyway, so why not get paid for it? Today I have my own successful business, and have lasting relationships with many wonderful new friends. Cathi Almquist and Kim Kearns are not only my mentors but have become very good friends. I love being able to choose who I want to work with, build friendships with my team, and help them to achieve their goals. I am thrilled to have my daughter Erin working with me in the business now too! Little did I know when she was a little girl we would eventually be working together...I love it! I want her and my whole team to experience the success and rewards that I have been blessed with.

This company isn't just about working independently and sharing great products. It's also about teamwork, and about giving people the means to regain their freedom. “Life Without Limits” says it all. The life of health, youth, happiness, fun, relationships, success, travel, freedom, financial Independence! This is definitely the good life...why limit it?

"I want my whole team to experience the rewards that I have been blessed with."

Thanks to this business I have become stronger, more successful and feel great about myself and my health. Feeling good and looking good is amazing but this business also builds self confidence and belief in yourself. Knowing you deserve greatness, being able to own that and not settle for anything short of what you deserve. That in itself is priceless. There are so many people out there too who long for the confidence and strength to not settle for anything short of the good life. This has been an amazing road so far and we have not even scratched the surface! I know I am in the right place at the right time. The best is yet to come! Come along for the ride...it's going to be awesome!