Leadership Without Limits

The Freedom To Dream While I'm Awake
Elizabeth Simpson
Area Manager

"I offer my Clients the best of both internal and external health"

In 2006, after more than 20 years toiling in the banking industry, Liz Simpson discovered network marketing, and began a journey that would allow her to pursue her dreams of travelling and spending more time with family. She joined Bioceutica in August of 2012, became a District Manager the following October, and was promoted to Area Manager in June 2013. Liz and her husband Dale live in Dallas, TX where they recently celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary. They have three grown children: Delia, Gary and Paula; and five beautiful granddaughters: Amanda, Bailey, Sydney, Sarah and Samantha. Here, in her own words, is Liz’s story.

The power of strong leadership
What first attracted me to Bioceutica last August was hearing Antoine Nohra express his vision for the company. Then, when I learned that Candace Keefe would be joining Bioceutica as CEO, my decision was easy. Candace’s reputation as a strong leader precedes her. Her background in product development attracted my attention in 2006 when I first began in this industry. I have always admired her passion for developing innovative and effective products, and for her strong leadership skills, compassionate heart and exceptional marketing abilities. Then I learned that network marketing pros Cathi Almquist and Kim Kearns would be leading the way, mentoring and motivating the field of Independent Consultants. I knew that, with leaders like Antoine, Candace, Cathi and Kim, success would be inevitable.

Prom time from granddaughters Amanda and Bailey, with daughter Paula.

For me, the opportunity for a “Life Without Limits” is an answered prayer. With retirement and a fixed retirement income, I realized that dreams I have held for years would be unreachable. I was faced with a reality I was not willing to accept. I could not give up my dreams of travel, spending time with my grandchildren, celebrating their milestones, and creating precious memories with friends and family. Bioceutica offered me this amazing vehicle to make those dreams come true by helping others do the same.

Living The Good Life in Cabo with front line manager Kathleen Epperson and sponsor Kim Henson.

Teamwork Creates Results!
I chose Kim Henson as my sponsor because she is an outstanding leader who cares about everyone on her team. Her passion and dedication is inspiring, and her ability to lead by example is what has created a successful team of consultants. Although we are all “Independent” Consultants, it is real teamwork that creates results. Now I have an amazing team of my own. My team members have created momentum in their own businesses, learned to mentor others, and continue to grow as they share this golden opportunity. Together, we are passionate about our amazing products, motivated by the benefits they bestow on everyone who uses them, and excited each week when our efforts are rewarded by way of direct deposit!

I have always believed that you must use the products yourself (“be a product of the products”) to effectively share them with others. I started taking my customized nutritional supplements in September of 2012, and my health has improved so much that my doctors ask me what I am doing differently. I am thrilled to tell them about the PrivaTest and Custom Essentials! And I’m even more thrilled at the results I’m experiencing with our amazing Intuitiv by Nature ProYouth skin care products! Now I can offer my clients the best of both internal and external health. I’m so proud of what we offer, and so grateful for the chance to share it. I absolutely love what I do!

"You must use the products yourself, be a product of the product"

I love telling others that if they’re looking for extra income or to replace lost income, Bioceutica has an incredible compensation plan that offers something for everyone. It gives me the choices and the freedom to dream while I am wide awake. I’m honored to support my team as they build their businesses and realize their own dreams. I know that I’m in the right place at the right time, and am blessed to be part of such an incredible company. We are just getting started! Now is the time to join us as we create a life that is truly without limits.