Leadership Without Limits

Area Manager qualified since July 2013
Deneen Manesiotis
Area Manager

“I'm in charge of creating my own destiny”

Deneen Manesiotis loves being an entrepreneur. Fifteen years ago, she and her husband Pete (her best friend with whom she has shared her life for a quarter century) made the big decision to move from Chicago to sunny Arizona, where they started a new venture as a husband-and-wife real estate team. Both Deneen and Pete share a deep passion for the real estate business, both as realtors and investors. In addition to the business she shares with Pete, Deneen is an Area Manager in Bioceutica, with 10 years’ experience running her own network marketing business. “I love the freedom and variety that comes with being my own boss,” says Deneen. “And I especially love being aligned with Bioceutica!” Here, in her own words, is Deneen’s story:

Embarked upon a journey of discovery
Ten years ago, I had enough of corporate America, and decided to embark on a journey of discovering what was possible. Life is a matter of choices. For me it was stay in a job I didn’t like or change careers and find a new way. I chose the latter. This decision allowed me to step into my power to make my mark in the world as an entrepreneur.

I was introduced to network marketing in 2003 by my amazing mom, Joanne, and her friend Patty. I opened this door, and my life changed for the better almost overnight.

When I started, I had no clue how to run a business. But I learned quickly, and before long, I was thriving. I made amazing friends, and unleashed a potential in me I never knew existed. Discovering network marketing was like finding a hidden gold mine that fit my persona perfectly. This is also where I originally met and worked with Candace Keefe, Kim Kearns and Cathi Almquist. For 10 years these leaders have been inspiring and showing me what it takes to succeed.

Why I chose Bioceutica
I’m excited by risks, challenges, and opportunities to prosper and grow. I found all this in Bioceutica. The company culture encourages us to all be our very best. I also believe in having multiple streams of income—which Bioceutica provides. Plus, as a Bioceutica Independent Consultant, I’m in charge of creating my own destiny. I’m free and empowered to develop strategies to build my business, and to mentor my team. I love it all! The bottom line is that Bioceutica has the leadership, the innovative products, and the culture required to build a successful business.

Leadership — Our CEO Candace Keefe is kind, authentic, driven, and inspiring. Her integrity is unquestionable. She leads by example and believes the best in others. She is also show stopping funny, energetic and beautiful. When I learned network marketing leaders Kim Kearns and Cathi Almquist decided to align themselves with Candace and Bioceutica, I knew this was going to be something extraordinary!

Deneen with her husband and best friend, Pete.

Innovative Products — In this business, the products are the company. Candace is passionate about creating and developing innovative products that are not only good for people and good for the planet, but always deliver exceptional results. Her imagination and determination are astounding. Bioceutica offers custom nutritional and innovative skin care products we absolutely fall in love with and can’t live without! When Candace is behind a product, I can’t wait to experience the results, and share them with others.

Culture — Bioceutica is a community of pioneers committed to helping each other and lifting this company up as it becomes a household name. I experienced the amazing generosity of this community when leaders from all over the US came to AZ for our Tour of Gratitude event to assist, train and collaborate with us as we laughed, bonded and shared this amazing opportunity. I’m so grateful for the support of all these leaders, and my amazing team of business partners here is AZ and elsewhere. I’m blessed by all their friendships.

“I unleashed a potential in me I never knew existed”

I’m always encouraged by the positive feedback I get on Bioceutica products. My favorite testimony is from my 68 year old client, Joanne. Prior to testing and going on Bioceutica’s Custom Essentials, her cholesterol was at 320. After just four and a half months on customized nutrition, her cholesterol dropped to 270, and six months later it was at 230. I was ecstatic hearing these results, especially when the client is also my mom!

My own customized nutrition program provides me increased energy and stamina. I sleep amazingly well, and have fewer cravings for junk food. Also, the Intuitiv Skin Care line is a workout for my skin. Every time I use these products I see my skin consistently getting healthier, looking better and smoother with a beautiful glow.

Bioceutica products make a difference; our leadership makes a difference; our compensation plan is uniquely different, and our company culture is one of growth, inspiration and lasting relationships. What more could anyone ask? Thank you Bioceutica!