Leadership Without Limits

Area Manager qualified since July 2013
Peggy P Brockman
Area Manager

"We have a gift to share and it is our obligation to share it"

Peggy Brockman is the consummate multi-tasker. She is not only a Bioceutica Independent Consultant, but is also an internationally certified sales & executive coach, inspirational speaker and leadership trainer through the John Maxwell Team; and owner of Brockman Enterprises, Inc. She uses her multiple skills to help train her Bioceutica team members, while facilitating Empowerment Mentoring groups and many other John Maxwell programs. She is the author of the book 10 Feet From The Edge: Stuck in the Comfort Zone due to launch this fall. Peggy and her husband Bill live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on the Panhandle’s Gulf Coast. They have five daughters, three sons-in-law and seven grandchildren who are spread across the country and England. Here, in her own words, is Peggy’s story.

Somthing happened to dramatically change my life: I was introduced to the PrivaTest
I got into network marketing after being in the corporate world for eleven years managing a television station... and I’ve never looked back. In the fall of 2005 something happened to dramatically change my life, my health and the health of some of my family members: I was introduced to the PrivaTest. I thought from the outset that it was a brilliant concept, and my husband Bill and I both took the test

I actually thought my results would come back ok as I am high energy and feel good most of the time. Bill, however, was on four medications for Type II Diabetes, four blood pressure medications and more. I thought he was a walking time bomb! When we got our test results back I was shocked: I flunked everything! All of my pathways were either over or under producing and I shudder to think where I would be today if God had not put this in my path. I had no idea I was so compromised internally.

Even more surprising, Bill’s test actually came back in the low to high normal range. We both began taking our customized formulas. The first week I went through a little detox and felt a achy; by the second week, my energy level was through the roof. I no longer needed ten hours of sleep. I was running at high speed with just five to six hours of sleep — probably because I was finally sleeping so soundly. I believed, because I was turning 50, that all those aches and pains in my back and joints were due to normal aging. I was wrong! They all went away.

After being on Custom Essentials for two months, Bill went for his six month diabetes check-up. His doctor wanted to know what he was doing differently as his blood work was the best in over three years. Over seven years ago, his doctor removed him from the diabetes medications. He was also removed from some of the blood pressure medications. We can’t swear it was the customized vitamins, but it was the only thing we both did differently before our health changed so dramatically.

Peggy and Bill Brockman enjoying a Life Without Limits with Bioceutica.

In addition, one of my daughters inherited the ulcerative colitis I had as a teenager. At 26, she was down to 92 lbs. and eating only baby food. Like me, she had the most severe form of UC. Her doctor suggested she see a surgeon, afraid that her colon would rupture. She also had developed a severe case of pancreatitis which was extremely painful and debilitating. At that time, I convinced her to take the PrivaTest and get on the Custom Essentials along with some other nutrients to help build her strength in case she had to endure the surgery I had once been through. Within two months of being on her Custom Essentials, she got healthy. She stopped bleeding for the first time in three years. Today, instead of having had her colon removed, she has blessed Bill and me with a precious five year old grandson, Elijah. I am convinced he would not be here if my daughter had not started on the Custom Essentials when she did.

"The freedom to walk away from the corporate world forever"

I am not a medical doctor. I didn’t even take vitamins before this. But I know what I know, and I don’t believe for a moment that our lives and our health changed by accident. For that reason, I feel an obligation to share what I know with as many people as I can. Bioceutica allows me to do that, and I have done so with hundreds of people over the years. But even more importantly, this industry has allowed me the freedom to walk away from the corporate world forever, and instead to do something I truly believe in.

I am excited about the future of Bioceutica. I am inspired and energized by our owner Antoine Nohra, and by the dynamic leadership of our CEO Candace Keefe. And I am beyond thrilled with our Intuitiv skin care! OMG! I love people asking me if I’ve had some ‘work done’! I look younger than I have in years! We have a gift to share and it is our obligation to share it. It is everyone’s choice to say yes or no. I will forever be grateful to Jenell Alley for sharing the gift of Custom Essentials with me back in 2005, and for the Life Without Limits Bioceutica continues to make possible for me and my family.