Regional Manager qualified since April 2016
Jamie Robb
Regional Manager

“We are committed to a system where IC’s at every level can win.”

Like many Bioceutica Independent Consultants, Jamie Robb wears many hats. Married for 12 years, she and her husband John have two children, JW (10) and Josalyn (6). Jamie homeschools part-time, sings with a local band named Sweet Briar, and is an Area Manager with Bioceutica. Jamie got her degree in Business Management and began her working career in corporate America. But after JW was born, she began to reevaluate her priorities. How could she have a career and still spend as much time as she wanted with her family? Network Marketing has been the answer. But why Bioceutica? Here in her own words is Jamie’s story:

Why Bioceutica
For me, as a vegan and proponent for healthy living and eating, it starts with the products. There are several reasons for this. First, Bioceutica products are made in the USA…which I love. Our company is focused on sourcing the purest ingredients from their native growing regions. Our packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials. And our production employs environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Think of how a nicotine or birth control patch works and you begin to understand the importance of what we put on our skin. Our Intuitiv® skincare is vegan (free of the nasty animal by-products in most skincare); it uses essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances and dyes; it is gluten free and free of parabens, PEGs, sulfates, and mineral oil. Most other products are 60-80% water, but we start with nutrition-rich coconut water and add amazing botanicals, resulting in 85%+ active ingredients. Some of my clients care about ingredients; some only care about results. With Intuitiv both groups are satisfied!

It starts with the products…
Nutrition is also a huge interest. I know that the body can heal itself if we give it the right nutrition. Bioceutica’s customized nutrition is such an amazing solution!! Bypass the aisles of confusion at the health food store, move past the outdated idea that one size fits all, and discover our Privatest that uses your metabolic functions to customize supplements just for you. Even better, you can retest to make sure you continue on your road to better health.

I love the starfish story where one person is returning a beached starfish to the ocean after a storm. Another asks why when there is a beach full of starfish — she can’t possibly make a difference. As she throws back the one she holds, the first person says, “I made a difference to that one.” I believe we are all here to make a difference. What I love about my business is that I get the opportunity to make a difference. You might think skin care is a vanity business, but I see it differently. When my client looks in the mirror and sees vibrant, healthy skin rather than tired, dull skin with puffy eyes, she feels better about herself, she talks more kindly to those around her and she walks taller. When my client begins using his Customized Nutrition and gains stamina, he has the energy for things that are important to him. And I know that “I made a difference to that one.”

Jamie with her husband, John, and her children, JW and Josalyn.

“I can empower others by helping them create income.”

It’s all about empowering others.
Beyond enhancing my clients’ lives through our products, I can empower others by helping them create income. I am so grateful to be part of CEO Candace Keefe’s vision for how we “do it differently” at Bioceutica. Network marketing’s reputation has been tarnished, but we are committed to creating success where consultants at every level can win. We are a retail-based opportunity with weekly Friday paydays. We are not a party plan, and Consultants don’t stock inventory.

With all the hats I wear, I am so grateful for Bioceutica. There is no other place I could work the hours I work around other commitments and still get paid weekly while I build a large sales network. Plus I LOVE to travel! The trips we take are a fabulous perk. I am so grateful for the leadership of CEO Candace Keefe, my mentor Kim Kearns, and the amazing teammates I get to learn from and work with as we continue to “make a difference to that one.”