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Earn 30% on
every product
you sell...

In Bioceutica you can earn money right away by selling the Bioceutica products. As you build your business, you can also earn additional monies by helping others do the same when they become part of your downline sales network. By spreading the message of personal wellness, beauty and care for the environment, you can earn generous commissions that can help you achieve a life without limits.

Earn lucrative weekly commissions and residual income.

Earn 30% retail commissions on every product you sell. You also earn residual income at the same rates, paid weekly, on repeat purchases by everyone you sponsor as a customer or member. Once someone becomes your customer, every purchase he or she makes is credited to your account, and you receive the retail commission.

Earn monthly bonuses as your business grows.

You will also receive bonus payments each month as your business grows and you are promoted in the Bioceutica organization.


Promotion incentives reward you even more!

To learn more about these and other Bioceutica reward programs, contact your local Independent Consultant for full details.

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