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What Your Hair Can Reveal About Your
Overall Health

At Bioceutica we’ve been promoting just how easy it is to cause severe damage to your hair. However, while hair damage can be the result of excessive heat, overbrushing or using the wrong product for your hair type, a bad hair day could also be a sign that something is amiss with your internal health too.

Changes in the appearance, texture, and thickness of your hair can provide a fascinating insight into what’s going on inside your body. However, you need to know how to accurately recognize and respond to these fluctuations in your hair condition.

Brittle Hair

Brittle hair which breaks easily when brushing or washing is a common complaint of people with low thyroid function. As such, this could be one of the first signs of a potential thyroid issue.

Hair Loss

Thyroid problems amongst other health concerns can also increase the amount of hair an individual loses during a day. It’s important to remember that we shed on average 80 to 100 hairs a day, however, if you are experiencing a higher rate of hair loss than normal it could point to underlying stressors. Telogen effluvium is an entirely reversible process of hair thinning, brought on by bouts of stress, illness, depression or pregnancy. While it can take three to six months for your full thickness to return, committing to a full night’s sleep every night and eating a healthier diet, free of processed foods can help to nurture and grow stronger hair.

Lacklustre Locks

Dull hair is often a sign that you’re not eating enough fat and is a common side effect for those trying to lose weight quickly through fad diets. Dietary fat helps the hair to absorb key nutrients – keeping it shiny and strong, so eating foods such as Avocados, dark chocolate, spinach and chia seeds is vital in maintaining hair vibrancy.

A lack of shine could also be the result of dehydration, so make sure you are drinking the recommended 11 to 15 cups of fluid, and eating a broad range of water-rich foods.